Transport your team into the parallel universe of the Game

A team coaching out of the ordinary

Bring your people together

Do your employees work at your customers' premises ?
Are your team members geographically distant ?
Has your team adopted hybrid working ?

Team coaching & Team building

We offer online team coaching, team building and virtual coffee breaks during which each member of your team is immersed in a 3D game on their own computer, with the support of an ICF certified coach.

Serious Gaming

Put on your avatar and project yourself into this authentic 3D village.
Beware of the werewolves that lurk among you. Discover the magical powers of the villagers and develop strategies to survive.

What do our activities bring to you?

Our immersive online team buildings allow you:

To discover the hidden facets of your colleagues while having fun

Develop the performance of your team

Strategy, communication, decision making, leadership, goals, Insights Discovery, agility,...

Create a team action plan

Leave with an action plan for the development of your team.

Min. 7 participants
Easy to use, nothing to install
FR - NL - EN

The plus of our team buildings?

Accompaniment by a coach throughout the activity.

An ICF certified coach (International Coaching Federation)

Recognised for its skills, expertise and professional experience.
Accompaniment by a coach throughout the activity.

Make connections with real-life situations at work

Our formula

A team building for every team

FUN Team BuildingApéro Team BuildingTeam CoachingTeam Colors
100% Game100% Game & aperoGame & Team CoachingDiscover your color profiles as a team
A facilitatorPresent during the whole activity
Rules of the game and handling
GameGuaranted fun with the Lycan werewolf game
Team debriefingGame-based team coaching by an ICF certified coach
A 100% Belgian apéroDelivered to your home or workplace
Team profils in colorIntroduction to Insights Discovery profils through games
I bookI bookI bookI book


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